The Goldmark Equal Access to Justice Internship

Apply for the 2022 Goldmark Equal Access to Justice Internship

The Goldmark Equal Access to Justice Internship is a 10-week, paid summer internship for 2Ls and 3Ls created in honor of the Legal Foundation of Washington’s second president, Charles Goldmark. The Goldmark Internship provides hands-on experience in providing legal aid through research, writing, casework, and client services. In addition to gaining valuable experience in public interest law, the Goldmark Intern receives a $10,000 stipend. The 2022 host organization for the Goldmark Internship is Fair Work Center.

About Fair Work Center & Working Washington

Our organization builds worker power through education, organizing, and enforcement. We work to raise and uphold standards in the workplace. And we fight for economic and racial justice in our communities. Our Base Building team trains hundreds of workers a year about their rights on the job. Our Legal Clinic works to ensure that workers know their rights under city, state, and federal law and that employers are held accountable to labor standards.

We provide free individual consultations, pro se assistance, representation in administrative enforcement processes, and maintain an active strategic litigation docket. Over the past five years we have served thousands of workers and have recovered millions of dollars in unpaid wages. In addition to direct representation our attorneys provide policy analysis, research, and enforcement strategy support to campaigns to improve workplace conditions.

Our partner organization Working Washington leads innovative campaigns organizing delivery workers in the gig economy, enforcing Seattle’s domestic worker bill of rights, and making Washington’s workplace laws among the best in the country. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic our organizations have advocated for hazard pay for frontline workers, health and safety enforcement, and access to unemployment for gig and immigrant workers. Together, we have a history of making transformative demands for working people and winning big.

About the Internship

The Goldmark Intern will help expand our organization’s efforts to ensure that low-wage, immigrant, and contingent workers know their rights and can enforce them. Interns that have prior experience with labor and employment law, direct client services, community advocacy, and/or fluency in a second language are strongly preferred. They will be supervised by the Legal Director and on individual assignments by Staff Attorneys.  

The intern will be integrated into all aspects of the Clinic’s work, including; 

1) Worker Intake and Counseling – After training and under the supervision of the Legal Director, the intern will meet with workers to assess their rights under state and federal labor, health and safety, and employment law.

2) Individual Case Handling – The intern will be assigned to work on individual cases which the Clinic has agreed to take on for representation.  These cases could involve demand letters and negotiation, administrative advocacy or litigation.

3) Policy Research – The Fair Work Center is actively exploring opportunities to strengthen the workplace protections available to low-wage workers, including on issues related to state health and safety law, passing first in the nation rights for gig workers, and universal access to unemployment and paid time off. The intern will have the opportunity to participate in active research projects on these and other workplace minimum standards.

4) Development of Community Education Resources – The intern may have opportunities to work with our community educators and organizers to develop new educational resources for workers participating in know your rights and leadership trainings.

5) Strategic Enforcement Campaigns – The intern may have the opportunity to participate in current campaigns to enforce workplace protections in our priority industries, depending on organizational needs at the time of the internship. 

Location: Fair Work Center & Working Washington staff are currently working remotely with the option of working in person. We will work with the intern after selection to determine work location.

To Apply:

Applicants should send the following application materials to Kristin Parker, Goldmark Internship Coordinator by Tuesday, February 22, 2022

  • Current resume
  • Registrar-provided transcript reflecting Winter 2022 enrollment
  • Cover letter or essay, minimum 500 words, describing your interest in the internship host program.


 History of the Goldmark Equal Access to Justice Internship

“Chuck believed that it is the responsibility of each of us, in our own way to try to improve some aspect of our society beyond ourselves. To leave our society just a little bit better than when we found it when we arrived here. He believed that, as a lawyer, he could accomplish this. Chuck practiced what he believed.”
-Kevin F. Kelly, LFW Board President, 1997

The Legal Foundation of Washington’s Board of Trustees created the Goldmark Internships in 1992 with a $50,000 gift from the Charles and Annie Goldmark Family Foundation. The Internship honors second LFW president, Charles A. Goldmark, a revered advocate for equal access to the justice system. The internship was created as a tribute to Chuck and to encourage young lawyers to emulate his ardent commitment to provide civil legal aid to under-served populations.

Charles Goldmark played a pivotal role in the creation of Washington State’s IOLTA program and is remembered through two LFW programs: the Charles A. Goldmark Distinguished Service Award and Luncheon and the Goldmark Equal Justice Internship Program. Since 1993, Goldmark Interns have worked to provide equal access to justice across Washington State.