The Campaign for Equal Justice

In 2017, over 1 Million people in Washington state will need legal aid they can’t afford.
They deserve justice. You can help.

The Campaign for Equal Justice strives to break cycles of poverty

  • The average # of legal problems per household has TRIPLED since 2003, from 3 to 9
  • 7 in 10 low-income households face civil legal problems each year (304,285 households)
  • 76% of these are unable to find legal help (231,257 households face problems alone)
  • Survivors of domestic violence average the highest # of civil legal problems (19/year)

Legal aid keeps people housed, employed, and safe

Unlike criminal cases, the Constitution does not guarantee legal assistance in civil cases. Without help, 500,000 low-income people each year must navigate complex legal issues on their own. Too often, individuals do not realize their issue could be solved by an attorney. As a result, many lose their families, homes, or livelihoods.

Common Civil Legal Needs

  • Family Safety (domestic violence, child custody)
  • Healthcare (debt, access to care)
  • Housing & Employment (foreclosure, wrongful eviction, discrimination)
  • Consumer, Financial Services & Fraud Issues
  • Access to Assistance (veterans, social security, disability)

The Campaign for Equal Justice is our state’s only coordinated, annual fund drive for civil legal aid, and the fundraising arm of the Legal Foundation of Washington.

The Legal Foundation of Washington is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Seattle, WA, serving residents across Washington state. We are registered with Washington State Charities Program as required by law:

To learn more about the Campaign for Equal Justice, please contact Natalia Fior McMahon, annual campaign director, at 206-957-6281 or