Equal Justice Coalition

Looking to the Future

By Kristin Parker

Dear Civil Legal Aid Community:

I am a child of working-class immigrant parents who worked tirelessly to provide their children with a better life and more opportunities than they had growing up. Unfortunately, I saw my parents get taken advantage of because they had little money and access to education. It was then, as a child, that I realized I wanted to be an attorney. I wanted to make sure that all people – not just those with means – are treated fairly and equally under the law.

I’ve been an attorney for over 30 years, and I’ve dedicated a good part of my career to improving the justice system. I am most proud of the moments in my career when I have helped those without power and means access justice. That is why it has been such an incredible honor to serve as the Chair of the Equal Justice Coalition for the past two years.

With your help, the EJC has made outstanding progress in advancing access to justice for low-income Washingtonians. You have helped us grow and broaden our coalition, increase state funding for legal aid by nearly $5 million, and elevate the narrative of legal aid and the stories of the people who depend on it.

The end of 2017 marked the end of my two-year term as Chair of the EJC. I have been humbled to be a part of this statewide effort, and I deeply appreciative of this opportunity.

Looking ahead, I’d like to introduce and welcome the new Chair – Andy Sachs. Andy is corporate counsel for Getty Images in Seattle, the former president of QLaw, and a member of our state’s Access to Justice Board. Andy is a strong advocate for civil legal aid, and under his leadership, the EJC will continue to make progress towards justice for all. Please help me welcome Andy.

Thank you all again for your advocacy, passion, and determination.

Happy New Year,


Salvador A. Mungia
Immediate Past Chair, EJC