LFW Board of Trustees Positions to Be Filled

  • One position appointed by the Washington State Bar Association (apply through the WSBA).

  • Two NEW positions appointed by the Legal Foundation of Washington (LFW). More information below.

LFW Board of Trustees Expansion:

LFW is expanding our Board of Trustees with two new positions open to at-large members who have lived experience with, or are currently living with and experiencing, poverty, racism, and systemic oppression.

LFW envisions a society where poverty or race is not an impediment to justice.  We remove barriers to the justice system by funding programs that provide high quality civil legal services to people who experience poverty in Washington State. 

Since our creation in 1984, LFW has invested over $200 million in our state’s legal aid system.  LFW is an independent nonprofit organization led by an eleven-member Board of Trustees who oversee multiple revenue sources that total over $10 million annually.

LFW is seeking passionate, mission-driven leaders to join its Board of Trustees.  We are looking for champions for civil justice who are committed to ensuring access to civil legal aid for all people in Washington. Candidates with lived experience and connections to LFW’s mission of “equal civil justice for low-income people” are encouraged to apply.

Who We Are

LFW is a proud supporter of the Alliance for Equal Justice, a network of Washington State organizations that collaborate to coordinate strategy and the delivery of civil legal aid to people and communities that experience poverty and injustice. We are committed to identifying and dismantling all barriers that deny justice and perpetuate poverty and racial inequities.

The LFW board and staff team values communication, collaboration, and a shared commitment to our mission. We are careful stewards of resources, and we approach our work and discharge our decision-making responsibilities with an ethos of humility and respect.

LFW is committed to becoming an anti-racist organization. We know that creating fair access to civil justice requires undoing systemic racial oppression and reflect racial justice and inclusion in all of our grantmaking. We are committed to long-term systemic change and commit more than half of our funding to impact litigation and policy reform that advance rights for people living in poverty. Internally, we pursue a regular course of learning and education to change and update our thinking and practices in ways that reflect the values of anti-racism.

The Role of the Board of Trustees

LFW Trustees are responsible for:

Leadership: LFW Trustees provide mission-based leadership, governance, and fiduciary oversight to the organization. They are responsible for the overall welfare of the organization and for setting policy.

Advocacy: LFW Trustees’ participation in advocacy efforts is essential to making our goal of equal access to justice a reality for all. Trustees bring their knowledge, expertise, credibility and influence in the community to the advocacy work of LFW and are encouraged to leverage their personal networks in support of civil legal aid.

Board Meetings: The Board of Trustees meets at least four (4) times each year. The LFW Annual Meeting is held to coincide with the Goldmark Award Luncheon.  Reports are made to the Supreme Court and to the Washington State Bar Association Board of Governors (WSBA BOG) and coincide with LFW Board meetings.  The final meeting of the year is held to approve the coming year’s Operating Budget and Grants.

Committees: Trustees are asked to serve on two or more committees throughout each year, including Grants, Finance, Goldmark Internship Program and more. Many of these committee meetings are conducted via video/conference call and occur approximately four (4) times each year. 

Board Terms and Participation Information

LFW Trustees serve for three years, January 1-December 31. Trustees may serve two consecutive three-year terms.

LFW is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and supports an environment free of barriers and bias.  People of color, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and other individuals with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

LFW Trustees who have lived experience with, or are currently living with and experiencing, poverty, racism, and systemic oppression will be offered a $2,500 stipend.

We will begin reviewing applications on December 1.  Please send a statement describing your interest in civil legal aid and if you have any lived experience related to LFW’s mission. All submissions should be emailed to Caitlin Davis caitlindc@legalfoundation.org.