How to Apply

How to Apply for a Grant

The LFW Grant Portal makes it easy for you to apply for a grant online. Please read the instructions below before beginning an application.


1. Review Eligibility and Guidelines

Please review the LFW Grant Guidelines (.pdf) for more information about LFW’s grant criteria.  We have three grant programs: small, annual and special.

2. Create an Account

All applicants are required to create an account in the Grant Portal. Use the Log In button at the bottom of this page to begin. We suggest creating your account well in advance of the grant deadline to avoid any last minute issues.

3. Complete the Online Grant Application

4. Application Review and Final Grant Decisions

LFW will review your grant application and reach out if additional information is needed. After careful review by LFW’s staff and board of trustees, you will be notified by email if your organization is approved or denied funding.


Helpful Tips

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Read a Tutorial
  • Watch a Tutorial



Click the Log In button to access the Grant Portal and apply for a grant or create a new account.

Questions? Contact the LFW Grants Coordinator by phone (206) 957-6290 or email.