Grants Toolkit

The following forms and guidelines are used by current and prospective grantees to provide budget and reporting information, access resources, and more. LFW can help your organization use these tools. Please contact Grants Manager Arielle Handforth by email with any questions.

LFW Grant Portal

LFW Grant Portal 

LFW Grant Portal – FAQs


LFW Proposed Budget Form (.xls) *General budget form for all grant applications

LFW Revised Budget Form (.xls)

Cash Flow Report (.pdf)

Quarterly Expenditure Report (.xls)

Quarterly Expenditure Report – with Salary Parity and Pro Bono Expansion (.xls)

Annual Grant Quarterly Expenditure Report (.xls)

Annual with Pro Bono Quarterly Expenditure Report (.xls)

Request for Reimbursement of Expenses (.pdf)

Legal Server

LFW’s Case Reporting Guideline for Legal Server (.pdf)

Legal Server Website


Annual Grant Guidelines (.pdf)

Alliance Support Services (.pdf) *Applies to Partnership Grantees.

Campaign for Equal Justice Grantee Involvement (.pdf) *Applies to Partnership Grantees.