Goldmark Award Winners

Charles A. Goldmark Distinguished Service Award

Each year, the Legal Foundation of Washington Board of Trustees presents the Charles A. Goldmark Distinguished Service Award to an outstanding individual or organization that has assisted in providing deep and meaningful access to the justice system. Since the inaugural Goldmark Award Luncheon in 1987, the Goldmark Award has recognized over 40 individuals and groups for their instrumental work in advancing equal justice.

The Goldmark Award commemorates the extraordinary contributions of former LFW Board president, Charles A. Goldmark, who played a singularly important role in the creation of the IOLTA program, designed to complement state and federal funds that enable low-income people in Washington state access to the civil justice system. The legal aid network Mr. Goldmark helped shape continues to improve the lives of thousands of low-income children and families in Washington every day.

2019 Goldmark Award

Salvador A. Mungia
Over the last 30 years, Salvador A. Mungia has worked vigorously to advance equal justice. Sal has committed his career not only to his clients but also to the improvement of the justice system.  He has served his profession by being president of the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association in 1999, president of the Washington State Bar Association in 2009, chair of the Equal Justice Coalition from 2016-2017, and he currently serves on the board of the Endowment for Equal Justice and the Washington State Access to Justice Board.  However, Sal considers his highest achievements as those times when he has represented individuals in both state and federal court, both individually and in class actions, free of charge to protect their rights so that he can do his part to ensure that those without any power are not taken advantage of.

A partner at Gordon Thomas Honeywell, Sal generously gives his time, his money, and brings unbridled enthusiasm to the legal community in his quest to serve and make a difference in the lives of those for whom justice is frequently out of reach.  He has devoted thousands of hours of pro bono representation in class action and individual civil rights cases and where fees have been awarded, he has donated them back.  Sal’s leadership, accomplishments, and his lifelong dedication to civil legal aid are recognized by the Tacoma Pierce County Bar Association, Washington State Bar Association, Access to Justice Board, Washington Association for Justice, ACLU of Washington, Northwest Immigrant Right’s Project and Endowment for Equal Justice, among others.

As Sal has often said, “The highest calling of any lawyer is to give a voice to those who have no voice and to restore hope to those who have forgotten what hope looks like.”

Sal is the type of leader many aspire to be and the legal aid community is proud to recognize and honor him.

2019 President’s Award

Washington Leadership Institute
Founded in 2004 by Ron Ward, the Washington Leadership Institute recruits, trains, and mentors traditionally underrepresented attorneys for future leadership positions in the Washington State Bar Association, the legal community, and beyond.  WLI is a collaboration between the Washington State Bar Association and the University Of Washington School of Law.  LFW is proud to support WLI’s goal of cultivating young lawyers who reflect the full diversity of our state – which includes race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and geography – so that the legal community and its future leaders reflect the increasingly diverse communities in which they live and serve.