Campaign for Equal Justice

GiveBIG: Legal Aid Helps Families Start Fresh

By Gervasio Sapriza

Today is GiveBIG in Seattle – the day where everyone is a philanthropist!  At the Campaign for Equal Justice, today is another chance to raise funds for civil legal aid to support our network of 23 legal aid programs in Washington, helping low-income people address critical legal needs.

Thanks to an anonymous Legal Foundation of Washington donor, all GiveBIG donations to the Campaign for Equal Justice of $100 or more will be matched up to $10,000.

Meet one of the thousands of low-income families served by our grantee, King County Bar Association’s Pro Bono Services:

“Lisa,” a single mom, did her best to hold herself together when the doctors said her little girl had cancer. As the doctors outlined the treatment plan – surgery, radiation, chemotherapy – Lisa knew she would have to care for her child and eventually quit her job. She had to be there for “Chloe” through the scary procedures, the nights of vomiting, worrying, and running to the hospital. Lisa needed to be there to support Chloe through the pain. As only a parent could, Lisa threw herself into the fight for her daughter’s survival.

After months of struggling, hope emerged. The cancer was in remission, chemotherapy was over, and Chloe could prepare to go back to school. Lisa was overwhelmed with relief. And then, Lisa realized how badly cancer had put them in debt – the kind of debt she could work a lifetime to repay and never succeed. Her search for help brought her to King County Bar Association’s Pro Bono Services. They helped Lisa file for bankruptcy so she and Chloe could restart their lives. Thanks to her volunteer attorney, Lisa is back at work and Chloe is in school. Every morning, they savor the miracle of an ordinary day. 

 Help us assist more families like Lisa’s. Please give a gift today on GiveBIG.