Reach 20 Donors


Thank you to our donors for supporting Reach 20 and helping to raise the Endowment fund to over $22 Million. 


William H Gates

“I support the Endowment for Equal Justice because in a country governed by law, everyone deserves the opportunity to have equal access to the law.”

William H. Gates, Sr.

The Endowment has disbursed nearly $75 million to the Legal Foundation of Washington for civil legal aid and impact litigation since 2014, and distributed $1 Million to LFW just last year. Your support generates vital new funds for civil legal aid today and leaves a legacy of justice for future generations by providing sustainable, permanent funding for civil legal aid in Washington State.

The Endowment board and Advisory Council are grateful to the 600+ donors whose generosity made Reach 20 a success. This sustainable fund is a powerful tool to counteract the unpredictable nature of civil legal aid funding and raises vital, unrestricted funds. 

Though the Reach 20 Initiative was successful, less than 25% of people who need civil legal aid can access it. Your gifts, pledges, and bequests or other remembrances in your estate plans are always welcome.


Reach 20 Donors:

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