Reach 20 Donors


Thank you to our donors for supporting Reach 20 and helping to raise the Endowment fund to over $22 Million. 

The Endowment has disbursed over $5 Million to the Legal Foundation of Washington for civil legal aid and impact litigation since 2014, and is on track to distribute $1 Million a year to LFW. Your support generates vital new funds for civil legal aid today and leaves a legacy of justice for future generations by providing sustainable, permanent funding for civil legal aid in Washington State.

“I support the Endowment for Equal Justice because in a country governed by law, everyone deserves the opportunity to have equal access to the law.”

William H. Gates, Sr.

The Endowment board and Advisory Council are grateful to the 600+ donors whose generosity made Reach 20 a success. This sustainable fund is a powerful tool to counteract the unpredictable nature of civil legal aid funding and raises vital, unrestricted funds. 

Though the Reach 20 Initiative was successful, less than 25% of people who need civil legal aid can access it. Your one-time gifts, pledges, and bequests or other remembrances in your estate plans are always welcome.



Reach 20 Donors:

A. Colby Parks
Aaron Brecher
Abraham Arditi
Academy Women
Ada Shen-Jaffe and Dr. Kenneth M. Jaffe
Adam Crenshaw
Alan Biller and Nancy Melton
Alan D. Smith
Alen Cisija
Alexander Higgins
Alexandra Comstock
Alexandro Kirigin
Alexia Diorio
Alice Kimbowa
Alma Poletti Merlo
Amanda Filteau
AmazonSmile Foundation
American Bar Association
Ami Jani
Amy Banik
Amy Lee Cole
Amy Rugel
Ana LaNasa-Selvidge
Ana Nina
Andre and Stephanie Penalver
Andrea Blander
Andrea Goddard Saunders
Andrea Templeton
Andrew Bor
Andrew Feucht III
Andrew Pickering
Andrew T. Chan
Andrew Ulmer
Ann Benson
Ann Durham
Ann Merryfield
Ann Tweedy
Anna Baxstrom Rawlings
Anna Kakos
Anna Marie Griebel
Annamarie Larson
Anne Keeney and Daniel Erickson
Anne Paxton
Anne Phalen
Anne Preston
Anne Silver
Anthony Gipe
Anthony Shapiro
Antoinette Davis
Aoki Law PLLC
Athanasios Papailiou
Aviva Kamm
Baltimore Community Foundation
Barbara Duffy and Philip J. Cammarano
Barbara Ford
Barbara Leen
Barron Smith Daugert PLLC
Barry and Karen Solem
Barry Pfundt
Beighle Family Foundation
Ben Antonius
Benson D. Wong
Bernel Goldberg
Beth and Rebecca Bloom
Beverly G. Grant
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bill and Jo Boone
Binah Yeung
Bob Ramstad
Brad and Andrea Axel
Brad Smith and Kathy Surace-Smith
Bradford Furlong
Bradford J. Fulton
Brant and Pey-Lin Carroll
Brendan Donckers
Brendan Hennessey
Brendan Monahan
Brian J. Carter
Brian Meenaghan
Brian Prouty
Briana Swift
Brooke Ann Pinkham
Bruce and Karen Kirschner
Bruce Brooks
Bruce Campbell
Bruce T. Clark
Bryan Baker
Bryan Cohen and Liz Strober
Caitlin Gray
Cameron Cloar-Zavaleta
Canterbury Consulting
Carol Anderson
Carol Arnold
Carol Xie
Carolyn Cairns
Carolyn Ladd
Casey L. Obreiter
Cassie Close and Samantha Adams
Celeste A. McDonell
Cesar E. Torres
Charles Hostnik and Gail Martinolich
Charles Kent Carlson
Charles Purcell
Charles Storke
Charles W. Riley, Jr.
Charlotte Keenan
Chelsea Anderson
Chelsea Petersen
Chelsey Oedewaldt
Chiedza Nziramasanga
Chip Jordan
Chris Luchoweic
Chris Youtz
Christie Fix
Christina Catzoela
Christina Luera
Christina Petlow
Christine VanderWerf
Christopher Bhang
Christopher Brown
Christopher Ivie
Christopher Lovings
Christopher Vandervoort
Cindy Hennessy
Clifford Freed
Colleen Kinerk
Constance Locklear
Corina Davis
Crystal Pardue
Curt Hineline
Dainen Penta
Dan and Maria Menser
Dana Bryson
Dana Carlisle
Daniel Hoang
Darla Marshall
Dave and Barbara Heiner
Dave Green
David and DeeAnn Burman
David and Linda Strout
David Bateman
David Groff
David Ubaldi
David Zapolsky and Lynn Hubbard
Davis Goodin
Davis Wright Tremaine
Dean Annette Clark
Deane W. Minor
DeCosta Law Firm
Denise Davis
Diana Batista
Diana Carey
Diana Singleton
Dimator Shahbaz
Don Scaramastra
Donald and Lynda Horowitz
Donald H. Bond
Doug Siddoway
Douglas Hall
Douglas Lawrence
Drew and Liz Porter
Dustin Yeager
Dylan Hannafious
Ed Goines
Edward White
Eleanor Hamburger and Daniel Gross
Elida Moran
Eliza Davidson
Elizabeth and Matt Quick
Elizabeth and Sam Davidson
Elizabeth Greene
Elizabeth Hanley
Elizabeth Strober
Ellen Conedera Dial and Joseph Dial
Ellicott Dandy
Elvia Bueno
Emilia Meldrum-Taylor
Emily Dahl
Emily Zuberi
Eric and Vijayanthi Tuttle
Erin Ashley
Erin O’Leary
Esperanza Borboa
Ester Greenfield & Robert Gombiner
Eugene and Nancy Studer
Evy F. McElmeel
F. Mike Shaffer
Felix G. Luna
Francia Doyle
Francis A. Adewale
Fred Corbit
Frederick Rivera
Gail Mautner
Gail Stone
Gary Fallon and Leona De Rocco
Gary Kirk
Gayle Bonato
Gene Tien
George Lundin
George Velikanje
Gerald T. Schley
Gina Cumbo
Glenn Amster

Gloria Hong
Gloria Teves
Gordon W. Wilcox
Grace O’Connor
Graham Fernald
Greg and June Dallaire
Gregg Bertarm
Gregg Rodgers
Hannah Etengoff
Harold Parten
Harry Korrell
Harvey Sadis
Hayete Gallot
Heidi Sachs
Heidi Thomson-Daly
Helen Brunner
Helen Elardo
Hillary Ann Behrman and Steve Johnson
Hillary Madsen and Rob Dolin
Holly Wilson
Hon. Anne L. Ellington
Hon. Beth Andrus and Mark Fleming
Hon. Carolyn Dimmick
Hon. Charnelle Bjelkengren
Hon. David S. Keenan
Hon. Dean Lum
Hon. Deborra Garrett
Hon. John and Melanie Ruhl
Hon. Laura C. Inveen and Bill Shaw
Hon. Michael J. Fox
Hon. Michael Schwab
Hon. Nicole A. Gaines Phelps
Hon. Paul and Mrs. Janet Bastine
Hon. Richard Schroeder
Hon. Robert H. Alsdorf
Hon. Robert J. Bryan
Hon. Ronald E. Cox
Hon. Rosselle Pekelis and Frank Retman
Hon. Sharon S. Armstrong
Hon. Stan Bastian
Hon. Steven C. Gonzalez and Michelle Gonzalez
Howard Coleman
Huyen Nguyen
Ingrid J. Holmlund
Isaac Ruiz and Jared Varnes
ISM Solutions, Inc.
J. David and Helen V. Andrews
J. Richard Manning
Jack and Angela Connelly
Jacqueline Ryall
James D. Hailey
James Degel and Jeanne Berwick
James E. Horne
James F. Williams
James Sanders
James Steven Rogers
Jan and Courtleigh Guerci
Janelle Pederson
Jason Barnwell
Jay and Jane Spencer
Jed P. Sonstroem
Jefferson Coulter
Jeffrey Bassett
Jeffrey Becker
Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Todd Even and Marilyn Gisser
Jenee Jahn
Jenifer Jewkes
Jennifer Barber
Jennifer D Collins
Jennifer Hanson
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Weber
Jennifer Werdell
Jeremy Calvert
Jessica Kerr
Jessica Nutt
Jessica Rullman
Jill Malat
Jim Bamberger and Nancy Eastham
Jim Hilton
JJ Leary
Joanne Moore
Joanne Sprague
Jocelyn Pedrosa
Joel Benoliel
Joel Odimba
John and Anne Heinz
John Aslin
John Carpenter
John Cummings
John D. Allison
John K. and Carol Hoerster
John M. Steel
John Maietta
John McKay
John Midgley and Lynn Greiner
John Sullivan and Paula Stokes
John T. Powers, Jr.
John Teutsch
John Tirpak
Jordan Harris
Jorge Baron
Joseph and Laurie Bringman
Joseph R. Shaeffer
Joyce Thomas
Judith and Arnold Bendich
Judith Fong and Mark Wheeler
Julia Kellison and Nick Straley
Julie Griffith
Julie Orr
Junior Nagaki and Janice Nakamura
Justice Barbara Madsen & Mr. Donald Madsen
Justice Bobbe Bridge, (Ret.) and Jonathan Bridge
Justice Debra Stephens
Justice Gerry Alexander (Ret.)
Justin Walsh
Karel Moersfelder
Karen Hernandez
Karen Holland
Karen Jones and Erik Rasmussen
Karen Marcus
Karen Riley-Cummings
Karla Flores Garcia
Katharine Nyden
Katherine Chamberlain
Katherine Spelman
Kathleen Learned
Kathleen O’Sullivan and Baird Johnson
Kay and Steve Frank
Keely Rankin
Keith Kubik
Keith L. and Lynn Kessler
Keith Matthews
Kelly Clark
Ken Noyes
Kenan Kigunda
Kerry Radcliffe
Kevin and Jean Kelly
Kirsten Barron
Knut Fournier
Kristin and Dave Acker
Kristin and Earl Lasher
Kristina Ralls
Kuljinder Dhillon
Kyle B Levine
Kyra Mungia
Lam Nguyen-Bull and Sam Bull
LaMont Walker
Lara Fernando
Larry Pearson
Laura Ewbank
Laurie Garber
Laurie Powers
Lawrence True and Linda Brown Foundation
Lee Cooper and Joy Clark Cooper
Le’Jayah Washington
Leonard Weber
Lesa Sroufe and Matt Barnes
Leslie Berkseth
Leslie Owen
Lilly Kaide
Linda D. Walton
Linda Fryer
Lindy Laurence
Lisa Johnsen and Jody Crow
Lisa Keeler
Lisa Kendall
Lisa Kremer
Lisa M. Waldvogel
Lisa Saar and Martin Makela
Llewelyn G. Pritchard
Lola Zakharova
Loren S. Etengoff
Lorraine del Prado
Lorraine Lee
Louise H. McAllister
Lowry West
Lucinda D. Fernald
Lucy Lee Helm
Lynn M. Mounsey
M. John Bundy
Madeline Hepler
Madeline Morrison
Maira Wenzel
Makalika Naholowa’a
Marcos Zuniga
Marcy Bowers
Maren Kristi Anderson
Margaret and Steve Lorentzen
Margaret H. Diggs
Margaret Niles and Stephan Garratt
Margaret Watkins
Maria Anderson
Marilyn Sherron
Mario Cava
Marisa N. Bocci
Mark and Julie Hutcheson
Mark and Mary Griffin
Mark Aoki-Fordham
Mark D. and Theresa Kamitomo
Mark L. Wheeler, Jr.
Mark Morzol

Mark Wittow
Marla Marvin
Martha Barnett
Martha Dawson
Martha Kongsgaard
Marvin Strasburg
Matt Brady
Matt Geyman and Amy Arvidson
Matthew and Marie Thomas
Matthew Wojcik
Mayra Rangel
McCoy Patino Middaugh
Meagan Driscoll
Megan Grembowski
Megan Murphy
Melinda Mann
Melissa Albert
Melissa Verrilli
Melva Storke
Merf Ehman
Michael Brunet
Michael C. Subit
Michael Crandall
Michael D. Garvey
Michael Heatherly
Michael Meredith
Michael Myers
Michael Reiss
Michael Ryan
Michael W. Hoge
Michele E. Storms
Michele Gomes
Michele Radosevich
Michele Suarez
Michelle and Matthew Moersfelder
Michelle Osborne
Miguel Bocanegra
Mika Rothman
Mike Andrews
Mike, Stacy, Luke, and Ben Porter
Mimi Gentry
Mimi Samuel
Mira Posner
Molly Cohan
Molly Eastman
Monica Cary
Ms. Holly Ann Vance
Munia Jabbar
Nancy and Ken Isserlis
Nancy Retsinas
Nancy Williams
Naria and John Santa Lucia
Nathan McAllister
Nathan P. Roberts
Nicholas Sopraseuth
Noah Guzzo Purcell
Noah S. Jaffe
Noah Samuels
Noel DeDora
Nolan Wood
Norman Lemoine
Meagan and James Mackenzie
Olivia Burkland
Orrin Moore and Jennifer A Moore
P. John Cummins
P. Stephen DiJulio
Pacifica Law Group
Page Ulrey
Palace Law Offices
Pallavi Mehta Wahi
Pamela Hughes and Robert Munoz
Pamela J. DeRusha
Pat and Ed Wagner
Patricio Marquez
Paula Boggs and Randee Fox
Paula Simon
Paulette Brown
Penny Olsen
Perkins Coie
Peter and Rebecca O’Neil
Peter Talevich
Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala PLLC
Phillip E. Cutler
Phillip Gladfelter
Preeti Saxena
Prof. John A. Strait
Rachael Langen Lundmark
Rachel Herd
Rachel Tausend
Rae Usher
Rakesh Chauhan
Randolph Urmston
Rebecca Glasgow
Rebecca Roe
Rebecca Wittman
Richard and Carole Andrews
Richard Anderson
Richard C. Bird, Jr.
Richard Chamberlain
Richard E. Spoonemore
Rima Alaily and Ryan McBride
Rita L. and William J. Bender
Rob McKenna
Robert A. Friedman & Anita T. Davidson
Robert and Kathleen Spitzer
Robert Andrews
Robert Carosino
Robert Jones
Robert Taylor & Jerry Judkins-Smith
Robert W. Baird & Co.
Roberta and Paul Rovner
Rochelle Howe
Rocky White
Rodney Hines
Ronald J. Knox
Roslyn Schley
Russell Jacobs
Ryan Dodd
Ryan Espegard
Ryan Hess
Saltchuk Resources
Salvador Mungia II
Sandra Morriss
Sara MacDuff
Sara Sandford
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Elerson
Sarah Glorian
Sarah Perez
Scott and Turie Holte
Scott Peterson
Sean M. Phelan
Serena Hamann
Sharon Sakamoto
Sheila Huber
Sonya Goykhman
Spencer Hall & Associates PLLC
Splainers Inc
Stacey Wedlake
Stacie Siebrecht
Stacy Quan and Jeff Shaw
Stephanie and Scott Andersen
Stephanie Hampshire
Stephanie Weir
Stephen DeForest
Stephen Feldman and Katherine Knowlton
Steve and Shayna Robins
Steve Wiley
Steven B. Frank
Steven Fawcett
Steven Holmes
Steven Jager
Steven Rovig and Brian Giddens
Stewart Landefeld and Margaret Breer
Sue Skillman
Susan D. Jones
Susan Hacker
Susan K. Ahearn
Suzie Rao
Tamara Watts
Tana Lin & Paul Holland
Tara Allgood
Tara O’Hanlon
Tara Overfield
Taylor Ball
Ted and Patricia Collins Family Fund
Teresa Moore
Terra Nevitt
Terry Price
Tess Douglas
Tess Williams
The Clyde & Karen Summerville Charitable Fund
The Lahm Johnson Giving Fund
Thomas A. Thompson
Thomas Cahill
Thomas Reveley
Thomas Wilcox and Whitney Ransome
Tinny Faulkner
Toby Marshall
Todd A. Bowers
Travis Andrews
Travis Thompson
Vanessa Padelford
Virginia Faller
William A. Kinsel
William and Deborah Hyslop
William Barclay
William Bender
William Block and Susan Leavitt
William E. Wockner Foundation
William Fleming
William Krippaehne Jr.
William Neukom
William Pickett
William Rava
Wilson Padilla
Ximena Velazquez-Arenas
Yarrow Durbin
Yvonne Benson
Yvonne Vaughn
Zachary Fleet
Zachary Gussin
Zoe McGough
Zoë Ryan