Justice Society


The Justice Society is the Endowment for Equal Justice’s Planned Giving Program.

By thoughtfully including the Endowment for Equal Justice in their wills, trusts, retirement plans and other planned gift arrangements, Justice Society members grow this permanent fund that helps increase access to civil legal aid for families in crisis around our state.

What we choose to support financially reflects our most deeply held values learned over the course of a lifetime. Through these planned gifts, Justice Society members send a strong message to the community and their family about the importance of ensuring fairness and justice in our society. Through their example, they inspire others to invest in and advocate for equal justice.

What Is Planned Giving?
Planned giving is simply arranging a charitable gift so that you realize philanthropic objectives while maximizing tax and other financial benefits. A planned gift is generally made from your assets, rather than from your income.

How Do I Make a Planned Gift?
There are many ways to make a planned gift to the Endowment and these long-term commitments do not compromise your current financial security. Please consider any of the following ways to include a gift to the Endowment in your estate plans, and let us know if you plan to make a gift. bequest-and-beneficiary-info

What You Will Need 
Although forms will differ from one financial institution to the next, you will need our legal name and address:

Endowment for Equal Justice
1325 Fourth Avenue, Suite 1335
Seattle, WA  98101
Tax ID Number: 91-2090855

In addition to bequests and beneficiary designations, there are a host of other planned giving vehicles:

  • A gift of life insurance
  • A retained life estate arrangement
  • A charitable remainder trust
  • A charitable lead trust

Please call Melinda Mann of the Endowment at (206) 957-6284  for more information about how to make a gift to the Endowment in your estate plans. This is not professional legal or tax advice. Please consult your professional adviser about the consequences of this gift to your situation

With Gratitude
We have formed the Justice Society to recognize those who have made any type of deferred gift for the benefit of the Endowment for Equal Justice. Membership in the Justice Society is open to everyone who has notified us in writing that they have arranged a gift to the Endowment for Equal Justice through their will or other aspect of their estate plan. Exclusive events and other special forms of recognition are afforded to Justice Society members on an ongoing basis. If you prefer, we will honor a request for anonymity. Still, we want you to let us know about whatever deferred gift you may have arranged for the Endowment for Equal Justice so that we can express in a suitable fashion our most sincere appreciation.