Emergency Grants

In rare, time-sensitive circumstances LFW makes emergency grants outside of the regular grant cycle. These grants are restricted to unexpected emergency-related costs that would disrupt critical legal aid services.

  • Who can apply: Nonprofit organizations serving the civil legal needs of low-income people in Washington
  • Grant amount: Variable
  • Deadline for applications: No deadline

To Apply for an Emergency Grant

Please contact LFW’s Director of Grant Programs directly to discuss your need.


OsoFeatured Emergency Grantee

On March 29, 2014, the deadliest single landslide event in U.S. history devastated the area near Oso, Washington. With LFW emergency grant funding, Snohomish County Legal Aid was able to swiftly respond to the civil legal needs of the residents, providing free clinics, legal services and one-on-one consultation.

The legal team helped dozens of individuals and families impacted by the mudslide. Many people faced multiple legal issues, including property, probate, foreclosure and insurance law. For example, Lois* survived the mudslide but her house was surrounded by debris and destruction. She received free legal help to answer property law questions, to secure resources to move and now address several mortgage issues. As she put it, she was grateful that her attorney, “helped not only with ongoing legal issues but helped stop things from becoming legal issues.”

*Name changed to protect confidentiality

Questions? Contact the LFW Grants Coordinator by phone (206) 957-6289 or email