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King Co. COVID-19 Response Grant (CARES Act)

The Legal Foundation of Washington is working with King County to allocate up to $1 million in CARES Act funding to legal aid programs in the areas of domestic and sexual violence, eviction and foreclosure prevention, and benefits access civil legal work, for which there is a COVID-19 nexus.  This funding is very restricted and must meet King County’s guidelines. Please apply by Oct. 12th to be considered.

Please assess if your program meets the following requirements before applying for funds:

  • Services are provided in King County.
  • Requested funds cover expenses from March 1st, 2020 to December 30th 2020 not already covered by other public or private funding.
  • Services provided are the result of the impact of COVID-19.

Services must also fall into the following categories:

  • Domestic and Sexual Violence services:
    • Free, confidential, trauma-informed and survivor-centered advocacy services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence in King County. Can include information and referral services, safety and support planning, advocacy and assistance with basic needs such as childcare, housing, and education.
    • Systems advocacy including the areas of healthcare, employment, education, housing and government benefits, impacts of engagement with the criminal legal system and other systems that impact the stability and ability for survivors of domestic and sexual violence to increase their self-determination and safety.
  • Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention
    • Pre-emptive information on rights and responsibilities to those that may have a higher likelihood of being at risk for a housing crisis.
    • Provide direct assistance to individuals facing housing instability and provide necessary legal response or other appropriate communication to the courts, landlord or other entity on behalf of the individual or household to assert rights or sustain housing.
    • Benefits access legal work is an allowable eviction prevention support.
    • Legal advice or direct representation.

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Please read the instructions below before beginning an application:

1. Review Eligibility and Guidelines

Please review a grant’s specific eligibility criteria and guidelines before beginning an online application.

2. Create an Account

All applicants are required to create an account in LFW’s Grant Portal. Use the “Log In” button at the top of this page to begin. We suggest creating your account well in advance of the grant deadline to avoid any last minute issues.

3. Complete the Online Grant Application

Once in the Grant Portal, click “Apply” on the top menu to see a list of open grant opportunities. You may preview a grant’s application questions by clicking on the “Preview” button. To start an application, click on the blue “Apply” button within a grant’s description. Complete the questions provided and either save or submit your application.

4. Application Review and Final Grant Decisions

LFW will review your application and reach out if additional information is needed. After careful consideration by LFW’s staff and Board of Trustees, you will be notified if your proposal is approved or denied.

Helpful Tips

Questions or feedback? Contact LFW Grants Coordinator, Christal Chiu Lokker, by email.